Launch of the WORM project on waste management in the humanitarian sector

In this series, Euronovia is happy to present its 5 new projects starting in 2024!

The WORM project (Waste management in humanitarian Operations: Reduction and Minimisation) officially began on 1 January 2024 and will run for 2 years. Its kick-off meeting was held on 25 January 2024.

Funded by the Horizon Europe programme, WORM is a European collaborative project that aims to develop guidelines and support actions for the circular economy in the humanitarian sector. The project focuses primarily on field hospital deployments and humanitarian livelihood programmes with a waste picking component. WORM also deploys innovative bio-technological solutions, develops policies and raises local awareness to improve waste management.

WORM brings together a consortium of 16 beneficiaries and associated partners from 11 different countries (Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Norway, the United Kingdom, Croatia, Switzerland, the United States, Vietnam and Kenya), coordinated by Hanken Schools of Economics (Helsinki, Finland). This consortium is made up of 3 universities, 5 companies, 4 associations, 2 NGOs and 2 not-for-profit organisations.

The WORM project has a budget of 1,499,664.60€ funded by the European Commission until 31 December 2025.

Within the framework of the project, Euronovia plays an essential role as leader of Work Packages 7 and 8 dedicated to the Communication and Dissemination of results.

For more information on the project, follow WORM on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. A newsletter is also sent out every six months. The project website will also soon be available. Discover Euronovia’s other European projects!


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