Euronovia, a human-scale consulting company supporting EU projects

Our convictions

Created and managed by Virginie Robin since 2014, Euronovia's action is based on the convictions of its founder, including:

  • The importance of Europe
    Europe is both an opportunity and a springboard for us: an opportunity for peace, freedom and mobility for all... and a springboard for the world of research and innovation! The European Union funds the most ambitious program in the world in terms of research and innovation. We are doing our utmost to ensure that every project leader has access to it, in the interest of all.
  • The need for innovation
    Because investing in innovation also means investing in the future of Europe and its citizens. Adaptation to climate change, protection of biodiversity, successful energy transition... innovation is of course essential to build the answers to the major challenges of today. Helping R&I actors to access the funding they need to go further also means encouraging the emergence of the solutions that we need.
  • The need for knowledge sharing
    The democratisation of science brings science closer to the citizens, and thus provides everyone with the keys to understanding, deciding and acting fairly. At Euronovia, we believe in the need for research, but also in the need to communicate ideas, projects, advances, and results of research and innovation. We are proud to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge thanks to high-impact projects, focusing for instance on solar energy, waste heat recovery in industries, the development of new technologies for floating wind turbines, the protection of oceans and biodiversity or - more globally - the fight against climate change.
  • The urgent need to support women entrepreneurship
    This is especially true in the world of innovation, as only 15% of deep tech startups were founded or co-founded by women, while - even today - only 2% of venture capital goes to female-led teams and 5% to mixed teams.
    Broadening the base of researchers, allowing women to find their way and live their dreams, is urgent to develop the vitality of the world of innovation, multiplying the actors, the approaches ... and the opportunities for success!

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