Launch of the DINOSAR project on sustainable agriculture

In this series, Euronovia is happy to present its 5 new projects starting in 2024!

On 1 January 2024, the DINOSAR project on sustainable agriculture started.

The DINOSAR project (Diagnostic that Integrates Optical, infrared and Synthetic Aperture Radar data), funded by Horizon Europe, has been officially launched on 1 January 2024 for a duration of 3 years. The kick-off meeting was held in January in Wageningen (the Netherlands).

This new collaborative European project, funded under the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) aims to develop multi-sensor operational monitoring using a Copernicus-based algorithm that will enable more sustainable management of crop fields and specifically sugar cane cultivation in Colombia. The results of the project will support farmers to match agricultural inputs (fertilisers, pesticides, water) with what the crop actually needs, decreasing their environmental footprint.

DINOSAR is coordinated by the Dutch company eLEAF and gathers 5 other partners: 4 private companies and 1 University, from Spain, Colombia, the Netherlands and France.

The project has a budget of 1 498 481.25€ financed by the European Commission for 3 years, until 31 December 2026.

For more information about the project, follow its social media accounts on LinkedIn.