The ESTEEM3 project exceeded its scientific and technological objectives

After more than four years, the European infrastructure project ESTEEM3 was completed in 2023.

ESTEEM3, a large-scale H2020 project

The ESTEEM3 (Enabling Science and Technology through European Electron Microscopy) project is a research project funded by the Horizon 2020 programme from 2019 to 2023, providing access to state-of-the-art research infrastructures in electron microscopy. This project brought together 15 major European research centres and 5 SMEs. Its objective was to facilitate access to the best-performing transmission electron microscopes in Europe to a wide range of academic and industrial actors, in order to promote the analysis and engineering of new materials in physical, chemical, and biological sciences.

The project was structured around three main axes:

  • Joint research activities (JRAs) which focused on the development of advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) methods needed to solve key problems in materials and nanoscience.
  • Transnational access activities (TNA) offering access to specialised equipment in 15 centres combining complementary techniques and expertise, and developing close technological or methodological collaborations.
  • Networking activities (NA) including training, sustainability, and dissemination of results.

The project aimed to consolidate the position of European microscopy and generate new key technologies for a number of strategic areas such as Information and Communication Technologies, Energy, Health, and Transport.

Convincing results

The ESTEEM3 project, with a funding of 10 million euros, exceeded its scientific and technological objectives. The project supported more than 500 projects and offered more than 6,000 accesses to prepare samples, experiment with transmission electron microscopy techniques and analyse data. The consortium carried out numerous networking activities and has actively engaged with the electron microscopy community. ESTEEM3 organised 14 training workshops, distributed 50 deliverables and published more than 500 scientific articles in peer-reviewed high-impact journals.

The carried out research activities have strengthened the capacity for innovation and fostered new market opportunities by increasing the competitiveness of companies, notably through the development of procedures and protocols for instrument control, and data acquisition and processing.

Euronovia, a partner of the ESTEEM3 project

Euronovia was actively involved in the implementation of the ESTEEM3 project, providing management support to MPG, the German coordinator, coordinating transnational access as well as the project’s communication and dissemination activities.

The European Commission and an external expert highlighted the professionalism and efficiency of the project management, as well as the very rigorous procedure that was put in place for the allocation of transnational access. An active communication campaign was also set up through the website and social networks.

What’s next for ESTEEM3?

Eight ESTEEM3 partners have created the non-profit e-DREAM (European Distributed REsearch Infrastructure for Advanced Electron Microscopy) initiative to promote cooperation between major European advanced electron microscopy research centres, collaborative research, and transnational user programmes. e-DREAM is one of the first steps towards the creation of a legal structure. The active collaboration between partners has also resulted in two new infrastructure projects funded by Horizon Europe: ReMade-at-ARI for “Recyclable Materials development at Analytical Research Infrastructures” (2022-2026) and IMPRESS for “Interoperable electron Microscopy Platform for advanced RESearch and Services” (2023-2027).

Do you wish to know more about the ESTEEM3 project and its main results? Watch our video and download the final brochure.