Horizon Europe: Discover the 2024 Missions’ calls for projects!

New to Horizon Europe, the five Missions are part of the second pillar of the Framework Programme. The Missions offer a new approach to generating resolutely innovative solutions and initiatives – by identifying major contemporary societal challenges to be resolved by 2030. The Missions are based on a simple principle: collaboration between different players (citizens, local and regional authorities, businesses, research bodies, etc.). Each Mission offers calls for projects on its own themes.

Euronovia is currently a partner in the Mission Ocean’s SHORE project.

The 5 Horizon Europe Missions


You will find below the calendar of calls for proposals, broken down by title and call number, available budget and submission deadline. The full 2023-2025 Work Programme is available here.

Table of content: Mission AdaptationMission CancerMission CitiesMission OceanMission SoilNew European BauhausCross-cutting activities

Mission Adaptation to climate change and societal transformations

Title of the call and n° Action EU contribution/project
Submission deadline
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CLIMA-01-01: Bringing available and actionable solutions for climate adaptation to the knowledge of the regions and local authorities CSA 2M€ 18 september 2024
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CLIMA-01-02: Bringing together the national level with the engaged regional and local levels (multi-level governance) CSA 4M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CLIMA-01-03: Develop and refine outcome indicators to
measure progress on climate resilience at national, regional and local levels, including knowledge and feedback developed from the Mission
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CLIMA-01-04: Research the complex interplay between the climate and biodiversity crises towards more systemic approaches and solutions RIA 4M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CLIMA-01-05: Improve design for transformative approaches
and build local capacity for implementation of available solutions focused on climate adaptation
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CLIMA-01-06: Demonstration of approaches to improve bankability of solutions by design, addressing the co-benefits (mitigation and adaptation) to improve revenues streams IA 9M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CLIMA-01-07: Demonstration of solutions specifically suited to rural areas and small/ medium size population local communities IA 7.5M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CLIMA-01-08: Demonstration of approaches by regions and
local authorities focused on increasing climate resilience of the most vulnerable social groups (just climate resilience)
IA 7.5M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CLIMA-01-09: Systemic and cross-sectoral solutions for climate resilience, tailored to the local needs of regions and local authorities IA 9M€


Mission Cancer

Title of the call and n° Action EU contribution/project
Submission deadline
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CANCER-01-01: Use cases for the UNCAN.eu research data platform RIA 30M€ 18 september 2024
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CANCER-01-02: Support dialogue towards the development of national cancer data nodes CSA 3M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CANCER-01-03: Accessible and affordable tests to advance early detection of heritable cancers in European regions IA 12M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CANCER-01-04: Support a pragmatic clinical trial programme by cancer charities CSA 3M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CANCER-01-05: Improving the understanding and management of late-effects in adolescents and young adults (AYA) with cancer RIA 4-6M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CANCER-01-06: An information portal for the European Cancer Patient Digital Centre IA 12M€


Mission Regenerating our oceans and waters

Title of the call and n° Action EU contribution/project
Submission deadline
HORIZON-MISS-2024-OCEAN-01-01: European Blue Parks – Offshore marine protected areas IA 11M€ 18 september 2024
HORIZON-MISS-2024-OCEAN-01-02: Danube river basin lighthouse – Protection and restoration of migratory fish habitats IA 7,8M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-OCEAN-01-03: Atlantic and Arctic sea basin lighthouse, Mediterranean Sea basin lighthouse, Baltic and North Sea basin lighthouse – Reducing the environmental impacts of fisheries on marine species and habitats IA 8M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-OCEAN-01-04: Science for Community – Building the marine Citizen Science data network of the future to valorise data coming from the ocean and increase engagement CSA 2M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-OCEAN-01-05: Our Blue Future – Co-designing a future vision of a restored ocean and water system in the EU by 2030 and 2050 IA 3M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-OCEAN-02-01: Community-led actions to restore our ocean, seas and waters RIA 12,5M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-OCEAN-02-02: Support for the Coalition of waterfront cities,regions and islands for Mission Ocean and Waters CSA 4M€


Mission Smart and carbon-neutral cities

Title of the call and n° Action EU contribution/project
Submission deadline
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CIT-01-01: Rethinking urban spaces towards climate neutrality IA 15M€ 16 janvier 2025
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CIT-01-02: Zero-pollution cities RIA 5M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CIT-01-03: Mobility Management Plans and Behavioural Change CSA 5M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CIT-01-04: Integrated peri-urban areas in the transition towards climate neutrality IA 9M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CIT-02-01: CSA 3M€ 5 septembre 2024


Mission Soil health and food

Tittle of the call and n° Action EU contribution/project
Submission deadline
HORIZON-MISS-2024-SOIL-01-01: Co-creating solutions for soil health in Living Labs RIA 12M€ 8 octobre 2024
HORIZON-MISS-2024-SOIL-01-02: Living Labs in urban areas for healthy soils RIA 12M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-SOIL-01-03: Towards a dynamic monitoring system to assess status and spatiotemporal changes of soil erosion at European scale RIA 11,5M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-SOIL-01-04: Systems to quantify nitrogen fluxes and uncertainties in European landscapes RIA 11,M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-SOIL-01-05: Soil health, pollinators and key ecosystem functions RIA 7,5M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-SOIL-01-06: Harnessing the multifunctional potential of soil biodiversity for healthy cropping systems IA 8M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-SOIL-01-07: Development of high spatial-resolution monitoring approaches and geographically-explicit registry for carbon farming RIA 11,5M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-SOIL-01-08: Managing forest peatsoils RIA 10M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-SOIL-01-09: Assessment of Soil Health in Africa IA 7M€

Cross-cluster activites

Destination: New European Bauhaus

Tittle of the call and n° Action EU contribution/project Submission deadline
HORIZON-MISS-2024-NEB-01-01: Exploiting the potential of secondary bio-based products RIA 8M€ 19 september 2024
HORIZON-MISS-2024-NEB-01-02: New governance models for the co-design and co-construction of public spaces in neighbourhoods by communities IA 8M€
HORIZON-MISS-2024-NEB-01-03: Setting up a New European Bauhaus hub for results and impact CSA 1,8M€

Cross-cutting activities

Destination: Cross-cutting activities

Tittle of the call and n° Action EU contribution/project Submission deadline
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CROSS-01-01: A European Social Innovation Advisory Network in support of EU Mission Objectives CSA 2,5M€ 25 september 2024
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CROSS-01-02: Framework Partnership Agreement for a European Networked Catalyst Fund for Social Innovation in Support of the Missions Framework Partnership Agreement
HORIZON-MISS-2024-CROSS-02-01: Experimental local action for EU missions: knowledge institutions as focal points of transdisciplinary research and innovation activities with European outreach RIA 2M€

For more information on the Mission calls, you can join the EU Missions and cross-cutting activities info days on 25-26 April 2024.

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