Horizon Europe – European Research infrastructures: Prepare your application now!

The Research Infrastructures (INFRA) Programme under Horizon Europe offers great opportunities for researchers and innovators in the European Union and Associated Countries to pursue their goals and make a meaningful impact.

Whether you are a seasoned researcher looking to expand your horizons or an institution seeking to drive innovation and contribute to the advancement of research infrastructures in Europe and beyond, the INFRA calls for proposals represent substantial source of funding and great opportunity for collaboration.

The call for proposals will open early December 2023 with a deadline set on 12 March 2024 (see list below), so it is already time to start preparing your application. In 2023, Euronovia has supported 3 proposals under the INFRA programme, all of which were selected for funding!

Euronovia supports you at every stage of setting-up your project: don’t lose time, contact us!

2024 INFRA call for proposals

In 2024, the INFRA opportunities for funding are divided into the following Destinations (find here the Work Programme 2023-2024):

  • Developing, consolidating and optimising the European research infrastructures landscape, maintaining global leadership (INFRADEV), to contribute to a strong, excellent and impactful European Research Area, by reinforcing RI capacities in Europe, their role at the global level and the policy-making in this field. Available budget: 23M€; Deadline for submission: 12 March 2024; 3 calls for proposal:
    • Research infrastructure concept development (HORIZON-INFRA-2024-DEV-01-01) (RIA) (12M€, 5 projects to be funded)
    • Strengthen the bilateral cooperation on research infrastructures with Africa (HORIZON-INFRA-2024-DEV-01-02) (CSA) (3M€, 2 projects to be funded)
    • Consolidation of the RI landscape – Individual support for evolution, long term sustainability and emerging needs of pan-European research infrastructures (HORIZON-INFRA-2024-DEV-01-03) (RIA) (8M€, 2 projects to be funded)


  • Enabling an operational, open and FAIR EOSC ecosystem (INFRAEOSC), aiming at delivering a “Web of FAIR Data and Services” for Science: a trusted virtual environment supporting Open Science, based on key horizontal core functions, with their corresponding e-infrastructures, and service layers accessible to researchers across disciplines throughout Europe. Available budget: 61M€; Deadline for submission: 12 March 2024; 5 calls for proposal:
    • FAIR and open data sharing in support of the mission adaptation to climate change (HORIZON-INFRA-2024-EOSC-01-01) (RIA) (16M€ 2 projects to be funded)
    • Supporting the EOSC Partnership in further consolidating the coordination and sustainability of the EOSC ecosystem (HORIZON-INFRA-2024-EOSC-01-02) (CSA) (4M€, 1 project to be funded)
    • Enabling a network of EOSC federated and trustworthy repositories and enhancing the framework of generic and discipline specific services for data and other research digital objects (HORIZON-INFRA-2024-EOSC-01-03) (CSA) (5M€, 1 project to be funded)
    • Long-term access and preservation infrastructure development for EOSC, including data quality aspects (HORIZON-INFRA-2024-EOSC-01-04) (RIA) (8M€, 1 project to be funded) .
    • Innovative and customizable services for EOSC Exchange (HORIZON-INFRA-2024-EOSC-01-05) (RIA) (28M€, 4 projects to be funded)


  • Next generation of scientific instrumentation, tools and methods and advanced digital solutions (INFRATECH), to enable new discoveries and keep Europe’s RIs at the highest level of excellence, while paving the way to innovative solutions to societal challenges and new industrial applications, products and services. Available budget: 137.5M€; Deadline for submission: 12 March 2024; 4 calls for proposal:
    • R&D for the next generation of scientific instrumentation, tools, methods, solutions for RI upgrade (HORIZON-INFRA-2024-TECH-01-01) (RIA) (63.5M€, 8 projects to be funded)
    • Development of tools, solutions, modules to enable R&I on the social aspects of the green transition (HORIZON-INFRA-2024-TECH-01-02) (RIA) (5M€, 1 project to be funded)
    • New digital twins for Destination Earth (HORIZON-INFRA-2024-TECH-01-03) (RIA) (45M€, 3 projects to be funded)
    • AR/VR-empowered digital twins for modelling complex phenomena in new RI application areas (HORIZON-INFRA-2024-TECH-01-04) (RIA) (24M€, 2 projects to be funded)


All the calls can be found in the Horizon Europe’s Research Infrastructures Work Programme 2023 2024.