ESTEEM3: Transnational Access to Research Infrastructures for Electron Microscopy

The ESTEEM3 project, in which Euronovia is a partner, promotes transnational access to numerous electron microscopy research facilities across Europe. The call for applications is open continuously.  

ESTEEM3, a project that provides access to quality infrastructures  

ESTEEM3 is a European project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme. It is a network of European laboratories and SMEs in electron microscopy. The main objective of ESTEEM3 is to facilitate access to electron microscopes in Europe. The project, which takes over from ESTEEM1 and ESTEEM2, started in January 2019 for 4 years.

Transnational access (also called TA) is the central feature of the project and allows European and International researchers to access state-of-the-art European facilities. Thus, researchers can apply in the laboratory of their choice from a list of 15 facilities in Europe for:

  • Sample preparation
  • Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
  • Data analysis

How to benefit from Transnational Access?

Interested in the programme? Here are the instructions to follow for the application process:

  • Create an account to submit your project online
  • Choose from 15 laboratories or make a request without a specific laboratory (Open proposal). In this case, the laboratory will be recommended by the Transnational Access Proposal Evaluation Committee (TAPEC)
  • Once the project is submitted, it is scored by two evaluators
  • Once the project has been validated, you will receive an email with all the details and a grant for your project

To be eligible for funding, you must work in another country than the country where the facility is located. The committee assesses the relevance, interest and feasibility of the project. Access to the microscope facilities can extend up to 20 days. International researchers from outside the EU can also benefit from the programme within a limit of 20% of total requests.

The call for applications is open continuously. Feel free to submit your project online! To learn more about ESTEEM3, discover the video of the project!