Erasmus+: an additional call for “Strategic Partnerships”

rAs the 2014-2020 programming period draws to an end, Erasmus+ will publish an additional call for proposals related to the Covid-19 crisis. Euronovia takes a look at this special call and the perspectives for the coming years.

The Erasmus+ 2020 Additional Call for “Partnerships”

Erasmus+, the European programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport, will open a complementary call for proposals at the end of August. This call, which concerns Key Action 2 (Strategic Partnerships), is closely linked to the Covid-19 crisis. It will support innovation in education and training through two strategic topics:

  • “Preparing for digital education”, in the sectors of school education, higher education and vocational training;
  • “Partnerships for creativity”, for the school and adult education sectors.

The call will support collaborative projects bringing together at least 3 partners from 3 different associated countries and lasting 12 to 24 months (EU contribution per project: from EUR 150 to 300,000). Deadline for applications: 29 October 2020, at 12:00, Brussels time.

Towards 2021-2027: the perspectives for Erasmus+

As the 2014-2020 programme is coming to an end upon these last calls, let’s take a look at the prospects for the next multiannual framework.

A budget on the rise

While the EU financial framework for 2021-2027 is still under debate, the budget allocated to Erasmus+ should increase substantially. The European Commission had proposed to nearly double the programme’s budget, up to EUR 27.9 billion. An agreement is expected to be reached under the German Presidency. To be continued…

Blended mobility

With the Covid-19 crisis, Erasmus+ set up “hybrid mobilities”, combining virtual learning activities and physical mobility. This mixed initiative should be reinforced under the 2021-2027 programme to open up mobility possibilities to more students.

Towards greater social inclusion

One of the objectives of the programme is to combat youth unemployment in Europe. This aspect should be highlighted in the next programming period, with increased access to mobility and innovative education for students “who are disadvantaged, either for health, geographical or resource reasons“, according to Laure Coudret-Laut, Director of the Erasmus+ France Agency.

Save the Date: Erasmus+ events

The 4th edition of the #ErasmusDays will take place from October 15 to 17, 2020. This major event across Europe will mix virtual and on-site activities in this particular health context. More than 300 events in 17 European countries have already been registered. If you are an Erasmus+ project leader, you can submit an activity until 14 October 2020 here.

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