A look back at 2023: The best of Euronovia

2023 was a year of unprecedented success for Euronovia and its team. Here are some of the highlights!

High success rates for the projects we supported

Euronovia supported a large number of project submissions in 2023. Out of 10 projects submitted and evaluated under the Horizon Europe program, 8 were funded, including :

  • 4 projects in Cluster 1 Health, Cluster 5 Climate, Energy and Mobility and Cluster 6 Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment
  • 3 projects in the field of Research Infrastructures, including the continuation of the ERIC Forum project, bringing together all research infrastructures that have obtained the legal status of ERIC (European Research Infractructure Consortium).
  • 1 ERC Starting Grant project in the field of international law and environmental issues.

Euronovia is a partner in 5 new projects starting in 2024

Following on from these successes, Euronovia will be a partner in 5 new projects starting in 2024. We will be responsible for the communication and dissemination of results.

FLOATFARM is a continuation of the FLOATECH project, aimed at increasing the technical maturity and competitiveness of floating wind energy, which ended on 31 December 31 2023.

The objective of FALCON is to improve the design capabilities of the European industrial aeronautics sector, focusing on the fluid-structure interaction (FSI) phenomena to enhance aerodynamic performance.

WORM’s main goal is to develop guidelines and support actions in favor of the circular economy in the humanitarian sector in order to improve waste management.

DINOSAR aims to develop multi-sensor operational monitoring using an algorithm derived from Copernicus. This will enable more sustainable management of crop fields, and specifically of sugarcane cultivation in Colombia.

The ambition of the INVEST’HER project is to foster knowledge sharing and synergies between innovation players and existing initiatives/projects in order to support the next generation of startups, with a focus on women-led businesses and gender-sensitive investors.

A new project launched in 2023

Starting in August 2023, the SHORE project, funded by Horizon Europe’s Mission Ocean, aims to encourage students and teachers to organise projects related to the ocean- in primary and secondary schools.

The first of three calls for projects will be launched in January 2024. These will fund 100 schools projects for up €10k over 6 months. Find out more here.

Successful project endings

Two of our projects for which Euronovia was responsible for communication ended in December 2023.

FLOATECH held its final conference in Berlin on 1 December 2023. The event was open to the public and broadcast live on YouTube! During the first part of the day, experts discussed important topics such as software development, including QBlade-Ocean technology, and Floating Offshore Wind Technology control strategies. Over 30 participants attended the on-site event, and were pleased to witness an enriching discussion on the future of floating offshore wind.

The SFERA-III project (Horizon 2020, Infrastructures) held its final conference in Madrid on 13 December. The event brought together over 80 representatives of the scientific and academic community active in the field of concentrated solar power. The main results of the project were presented. The impact of these results was discussed with policy-makers and stakeholders in three interactive sessions, with the participation of external experts and project collaborators.

Successful recruitments

2023 saw the arrival of Inès Martorell in Paris at the beginning of September. At Euronovia, Inès supports the FLOATECH and SHORE projects in their dissemination, communication and exploitation activities. She is also involved in  Horizon Europe and Erasmus+ grant applications. .

Emmanuelle Moreau joined the Toulouse office at the beginning of September as an intern, to support the team on the FLOATECH and SCORE projects as well as grant application.. Recruited as a junior consultant from January 2024, she will reinforce the team on our new FLOATFARM and DINOSAR projects.

Strengthened partnerships

Euronovia has rejoined the Board of the European Association of Innovation Consultants (EAIC) in June 2023. Virginie Robin, Euronovia’s CEO, is in charge of advocacy.

For the Association,  2023 was marked by the launch of reflections on the next framework program (FP10). The General Assembly at the end of the year provided an opportunity to exchange views on this subject with the Secretary General of the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO).

Euronovia supports you in 2024

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