8 tips to improve the Impact section of your Horizon Europe application

The Impact section in a Horizon Europe proposal is crucial to demonstrate the potential scientific, societal, economic, and environmental benefits that your project will bring. This section aims to showcase the broader significance and relevance of your project. Here are some guidelines to help you write a compelling impact section:

  1. Read carefully the Topic and Destination in the Work Progamme, as well as the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan: It is important to always keep in mind the expected outcomes as stated in the Topic and the expected impacts as stated in the Destination. They are delineated from the Strategic Plan.
  2. Remember that Impacts Results: The results of your project will be generated during the project implementation, while the outcomes and impacts will be the medium- and long-term effects of your project on society, environment, economy and science, enabled by the project results. Keep these definitions in mind!
  3. Consider Broader Impact: Go beyond the immediate project scope and discuss any potential follow-up projects, collaborations, or initiatives that may arise from the project’s outcomes.
  4. Show Realistic and Achievable Impact: While it’s important to be ambitious, ensure that your proposed impact is realistic and achievable given the project’s resources and timeline.
  5. Highlight European Added Value: Emphasize the potential to contribute to EU policy strategies and global challenges (e.g., climate change, health, digital transition), notably the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
  6. Be Specific and Measurable: Clearly outline the specific and measurable indicators of your project’s impact. Describe what you aim to achieve and the expected outcomes. Use quantitative metrics whenever possible to make your impact more tangible.
  7. Identify Stakeholders and End Users: Clearly identify the stakeholders and end-users who will benefit from your project’s results. This includes scientific communities, industries, governments, practitioners, civil society, and citizens. Explain how the project will engage with these stakeholders.
  8. Draft a Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan: Outline your strategy for communicating and disseminating the project’s results to ensure widespread use and impact. Describe how you intend to protect and exploit any intellectual property arising from the project.

Generally, remember to use clear language and avoid jargon whenever possible. The evaluators may come from diverse backgrounds, and it’s essential to make your impact section understandable to a broad audience.

Lastly, seek feedback from colleagues, mentors, or experts in the field to refine your impact section further. Their insights can help you identify areas of improvement and strengthen your overall proposal.


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